Rules are important to us. We believe that achieving success requires conducting transparent operations in accordance with the law.

Rules and principles

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association define the general rules governing life at the Company: the corporate purpose, the criteria for the composition and operation of the corporate bodies, and the description of shareholders’ rights as well as how to exercise them.

Code of Ethical Conduct

The Code of Ethics sets out all the principles and standards of conduct that inspire the Group's actions as part of day-to-day operations and in its dealings with institutions, companies, and individuals it gets into contact with.

Reports, Procedures and other documents

Annual Remuneration Report 2020

The remuneration policy of Directors, Statutory Auditors, the General Manager (if any), and other Key Management Personnel of the Group is intended primarily to create a strong link between remuneration and performance, aligning the interests of management and shareholders. The De’ Longhi Group's remuneration policy is included in the Remuneration Report, which is approved annually by the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Internal Dealing procedure

To ensure the utmost transparency, the Internal Dealing procedure sets out the criteria and rules for the handling of information to be disclosed to the market in the event a relevant person buys or sell De’ Longhi shares.

Diversity policies for the members of the corporate bodies

For a multinational entity such as the De’ Longhi Group, promoting diversity represents a key cultural objective in order to fully develop the skills, characteristics, and abilities of all the Group's staff, including employees as well as the members of the Corporate Bodies. The document identifies diversity standards in terms of age, gender, and educational and professional background applicable to the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

Policy for managing dialogue with shareholders

In order to better develop an open and constant dialogue with all its Shareholders, the Company adopted the “Policy for managing dialogue with shareholders as a group” which, taking into account the engagement policies adopted by De’ Longhi’s main institutional investors and asset managers, sets out the general principles, management procedures and main content of the dialogue between De’ Longhi and its Shareholders.